No. 12


For many of us, our first encounter with the table was within our families. It is here, where we learn more about our heritage, who we are, what makes us who we are, how to relate to one-and-other, and how to engage, connect and converse with the ones closest to us. Edition No. 12 is an exploration of the definition of family - what it means in relation to food, people, the table, and what it eventually entails in our own life. What defines family for you?

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"Spritual Urgency" at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Tabili was invited to partake in the opening of the new exhibition “Spiritual Urgency” at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Besides our hand-washing ritual and a carefully curated menu based on ingredients with spiritual properties such as sage and raw honey, we also looked into the meaning of spiritualy in scents and oils.

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No. 11

Collectors with Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum invited Tabili to host a special gathering at Huis Willet-Holthuysen. The evening was an exploration of the theme “collectors”, in response to an exhibition by painter Maaike Schoorel, which was on display at Huis Willet-Holthuysen.

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No. 10

Block party: nowhere invites Tabili & Sebonsa

Tabili & Sebonsa teamed up together with Nowhere for a very special summer edition. Our friends and community were brought together for a summer block party - an outdoor public party put on by the residents of a city block or neighbourhood.

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No. 9

The Table Guests - Ceramics collection together with Almond in a Glass

In collaboration with friend Carly Wollaert from @almondinaglass, we proudly present our first ceramic tableware collection: “The Table Guests”. This collection is inspired by each and everyone that has taken a seat at our table so far. The collection consists of 5 items that are made to provide a benefit to your table at home.

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No. 8

Tabili picnic blanket

For our edition No. 8, we made a 40 square meter blue and white checkered picnic blanket in collaboration with Luna Faye. Luna Faye is a Spanish weaver based in Amsterdam dressing homes with the simplicity of hand woven fabrics with natural materials.

No. 8


Nourishment can be defined as the action of nourishing someone or something, containing of substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. To embody the theme we hosted a nourishing picnic for body, mind, and soul, by means of good food, meaningful conversation starters, and heart-felt connection.

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No. 7


How can we use “ordinary” habits, and transform them into rituals - something more sacred, ceremonial, and meaningful, that in turn will help us to live a more mindful and greater life? With this gathering we hoped to provide our guests with the means to establish their own answer to this question. For this edition we aimed to introduce the concept of rituals - within the scope of what they are in relation to food, people, and around the table.

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Bunna Muffrate for no. 7 Rituals

Drinking coffee is a mundane habit in today’s western society. However, when done with intention and presence, it can be transformed into a ritual. We wanted to emphasize the difference between habits and rituals by partaking in a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. 

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For edition No. 7 we gathered around the table in two places - in Amsterdam, and simultaneously in Paris at the beautiful Sainte Anne Gallery. Bruno Sitton guided us through a traditional ritualistic tea ceremony, where we collectively drank tea in silence and meditative state.

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Monika (@cuhnja) provided us with an afternoon goûter -  “v. to taste, n. a light meal in the afternoon.” For French children and adults alike, having a goûter is an institution, something to be adhered to religiously - a true snacking ritual. Around 4:30pm, they sit down obediently at their table awaiting un petite quelque chose (a little something). 

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IDFA meets Tabili

Friend Request at FC Hyena

We kicked off the sunny season with a special event to reignite our social flame. Together with IDFA Meets, we curated an evening that celebrated the summery joy of platonic connections and friendship in all its forms. Alongside drinks, shaved ice, and a table sharing game, we screened four heartfelt short films containing valuable lessons to help us rethink and reevaluate our own personal friendships.


No. 6


As Lynk & Co set off to create their own community, they invited us to host this edition at their community hub in the heart of Amsterdam and bring together a group of people around a theme that concerns us both. We hoped to put their community hub to good use, and decided to dedicate the evening to the importance of communities around the table, and in our everyday lives.

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No. 5

Cultural Exchange

Tabili aims to create tables that enhance cultural exchange and Middle East Archive pursues this particular exchange through the act of archiving, photography and media. At this edition these two pursues have found common ground, as we set out to highlight the importance and significance of the act of cultural exchange, through food, photography and music.

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No. 4


As autumn is a good time to reflect and prepare for the winter season awaiting us, Tabili No. 4 highlighted the different seasons and cycles on earth and in nature, as well as the seasons we as humans may go through.

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No. 3


For this edition we decided to base our food on a specific segment - street food. Street food is a cultural, social and economic phenomenon, which takes place, exactly, on the street! To gather in such a public space as the street and come together to indulge and nourish our bodies is in many places around the world a very social day-to-day event.

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No. 2

The Garden of Eden

The table is a gravitational center that draws people near to experience love together. It can be the potential birthplace of love, or it can be the sustaining factor. Whether it is with dinner, a conversation, or a simple coffee, it is a meeting place where we can share and give love in all forms. Tabili No. 2 is an ode to love around the table and beyond.

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No. 1

The First Supper

Our first edition is called, The First Supper - it will simultaneously resemble “The Last Supper” , as well as the first Tabili dinner, combined in a new and fitting format. With this launch we want to highlight and convey the message and importance of the table, as it was also already apparent more than 2000 years ago.

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