The table is the center of a universe in which we seek our place, revolving like planets around the sun, drawn by the regularity of eating and the longing for company. 


“We do not invite each other simply to eat and drink, but to eat and drink together,” says one of Plutarch’s characters in his Debates among guests. Food is more than merely a substance, beyond its simple functional level, it takes on a communicative and social value, attributing meaning to the gestures performed while eating, the ways in which it is consumed, and to everything and everyone around it and pertaining to it, including the table. 

Tables are one of the most important places of human connection. Sharing a table is the first sign of a certain social membership or relationship in a group and it contributes to creating a collective around the meal that is consumed. People seated together at a table are united in a feeling of communion: they share and ingest the same food, and thereby bring together or consolidate a community, whether it is only for one time or more lasting.

Modern society is undergoing accelerated mutations that determine a general crisis in the framework of social life and in the way individuals relate to each other and to society. The interactions between individuals, groups, institutions and society as a whole are probably more complex, but also looser than ever. The modern individual is isolated, less and less constrained and sustained by the networks of large families, local communities, religious circles, and so on. In this sense, our society simultaneously embodies the triumph and the crisis of individualism.

Individualism is at its peak and our culture is struggling to maintain a sense of togetherness. Hence, what we are currently witnessing is the disappearance of the “table”: the disappearance of human connection, cultural expression, exchange, and the feeling of belonging to a collective or group.

We at Tabili aim to be an opposite force by bringing back the essence of the table as a place of human-to-human connection, gathering, depth of meaning, nourishment, openness, safety and vulnerability, cultural exchange, knowledge enhancement, growth, and of course good food.


Connection, conversation and cuisine are skillfully combined to create the ultimate experience of nourishment for body, mind and soul. Every dinner and gathering has a unique and special theme with menus carefully cultivated to reflect the dinner theme, whereby the table, the people and the food are positioned firmly at the center. 

Within the works of Tabili, it is our intention to be meaningful and to have a positive contribution to everyone that takes a seat at our table. Inspiration is everywhere. So is information. Every edition and theme is backed up and grounded in scientific research. In doing so, we try to bring more depth of meaning to the table, the food, and our guests. This is why, to preserve our own output, we transcript our research at length. Every edition we publish a zine wherein we highlight the theme and bring forward research and background information, all within the scope of the chosen theme. 


We organize and host dinners, gatherings, and events that in some way bring us closer to the power of the table. From our food, to conversational topics, research zines, panel discussions, question cards, rituals and other exhibitions - all are carefully curated to enhance and stimulate the essence of the table, so that at Tabili, everyone feels like they have a seat at the table. 

Welcome to the table of Tabili.

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